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Penetrating Damp

Water-repellent Cream

When damp penetrates into masonry it makes it wet and cold, so heat can escape through walls more easily. Cold walls lead to cold houses.

Aquadry keeps water out of masonry, and protects the walls by keeping them dry and warm. The special colourless formulation penetrates deeply into masonry, where it forms a UV-resistant and water-repellent barrier that still lets the walls breathe naturally. With an easy one coat application, Aquadry will protect bricks, stone and concrete walls for 20-30 years without changing their external appearance.

Wet Walls: The Problem

When walls become wet they have lower thermal efficiency and heat from inside a building can escape much more easily. It becomes more difficult to keep the building warm.

Over 30% of houses currently in the UK are single skin brick or stone construction. These can be difficult to insulate when:

  • Internal insulation takes up needed floor space
  • Cavity wall insulation isn’t possible
  • External insulation can be unattractive and expensive

Aquadry: The Solution

Aquadry repels rain and stops damp penetration into walls. It reduces heat loss through single skin brick construction, and is scientifically proven to provide heating energy savings of up to 29%. Use Aquadry for simple, long-lasting masonry protection against cold and damp.

Rain Protection

Aquadry protects bricks, mortar and stone from water penetration. It will resist rain penetrating through tracks in the masonry smaller than 0.3mm. Any larger cracks should be filled before applying Aquadry. Repointing work should be carried out on any mortar in poor condition using suitable sand:lime or sand:cement mortar and Aquadry Repointing additive.

Energy Saving

Brick, mortar, stone and concrete are permeable materials that are worse insulators when wet, similar to how wet clothes feel cold. University test work has proven that Aquadry can halve conductive heat loss through brick. An Aquadry treated model house tests subsequently showed heating energy reductions of up to 29%.

Penetration Depth

By deeply penetration masonry more than traditional liquid – applied masonry water repellents, Aquadry provides longer life expectancy and increased crack-bridging. Aquadry is not affected by masonry surface erosion and can penetrate beyond small surface cracks.


Aquadry has been tested on many different types of masonry, and is proven to work to EN ISO15148:2002 (E) on brick, mortar, concrete and sandstone. Aquadry should only be applied to dry and porous surfaces that are sealant and paint free. It’s intended for use above ground only.